2020 – a different year!

I don’t really need to tell you, but the past 9 months or so have been different – very different – and it has taken some (i.e. a lot of) adjusting for most of us. At the start of the pandemic the world changed and we all found ourselves going about our normal lives in a completely foreign way.

I was certainly no different to everyone else – in a very short time working from an office almost ceased to exist and the main way that my small business was operating almost stopped. Yes, people were working from home but everyone assumed it would be temporary, maybe a few months and then we would be back to “normal”, so nobody worried much about how the work was getting done from home – they just got on and did it.

It was only after several months that we realised things would not go back to “normal” for a long time, and that maybe the way we worked would be forever changed. People had shown that they could successfully work from home – video calls and meetings became the norm and going into the one main office everyday was no longer completely necessary.

At the same time people started to notice that their office setup at home that once seemed good enough was no longer cutting it for them. What started out as a little annoying discomfort became a bit more of an ache or a pain and they realised that they needed to do something about it. For the past few months my ergonomic assessment work has started to pick up again but this time I find myself heading into the ‘suburbs’ rather than then ‘city’. Yes, I am still asked to work with clients in larger corporate offices but the number of small home-based office set-ups I have been assessing is greater than it was before March this year.

And with that comes the satisfaction that I get from my job in helping people to ‘see’ and make the changes needed to enhance their working comfort at home too. The work still needs to be done and they might as well be able to do it without the sore back or niggly headaches that can come from poor working posture – yes the kitchen bench and stool was OK in the past for the short 5-minute email but when the hours of working from home increased it quickly became akin to a modern day torture chamber.

You haven’t heard from me for a while – I got a bit focused on other work to keep me going through the pandemic – do you see that I haven’t used the C word – I personally need a rest from it at the moment 🙂 – I am planning on being a bit more active with hints and tips over the coming year. Stay well coming into the silly season and I’ll write again soon. J

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