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Ergo Experts was established with the sole aim of helping people achieve greater comfort, safety and efficiency when performing their own work tasks – our driving motivation is to ensure that everyone is able to lower their risk of discomfort or injury at work, and to make this happen in the simplest and most convenient way possible.  Ergo Experts are focused on making sure you are happy in both your day-to-day job and in the service that we provide.

Ergo Experts have a team of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists that will focus on helping you to achieve your goals.  Each team member has over 15 years of experience in conducting ergonomic assessments and delivering training.

Ergo Experts are here to serve you in a convenient and timely manner – we are able to come to your main workplace office to conduct assessments on one or many staff members, or can visit an individual’s residence to assess their home office set-up and needs. 

Ergo Experts can go above and beyond the other service providers in the market to ensure that a full service is delivered to you – we carry a range of ergonomic equipment (including office chairs, mice and monitor stands) so there is no need to wait for this to be arranged – trialing these items occurs during and immediately following the assessment so you know right away that our recommendations are the right ones.  It’s just part of Ergo Expert’s way of ensuring that the service you expected is delivered without any doubts or delays.

Ergo Experts services clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and the Central Coast of NSW.

Joshua Bridson

Director - Physiotherapist

Since his teenage years Josh has always known that he is motivated by helping people – moving into work as a health professional just made logical sense.


Graduating from Sydney University in 1994, Josh has worked as a Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Consultant, driven by the desire to improve the lives of those around him.


Josh enjoys the opportunity to educate people in ways to reduce their risk of injury as well as help people in their recovery back to a normal lifestyle, both at home and at work. Josh is dedicated and motivated in his pursuit of a “complete” customer service experience, working in a logical and planned manner that delivers the best and most satisfying outcomes for his clients.

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