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By simplifying the process of undergoing an ergonomic assessment and efficiently implementing any recommendations, Ergo Experts can ensure that you and your staff can remain focused on your main business priorities.

We provide customised ergonomic assessments and equipment to enhance the working comfort of your employees at their main workplace or home offices. 

We service clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and the Central Coast of NSW.

Onsite Ergonomic Assessments

An Ergonomic Workstation Assessment includes the review of current issues / concerns and setup of existing equipment, including personalised education and individualised adjustments where needed.
Our high quality recommendations are always focused on meeting or exceeding the individual objectives of our client.

Equipment Recommendations

During the assessment Ergo Experts may make equipment recommendations based a comprehensive knowledge of available products to meet an individual staff member’s requirements.

Staff Training and Education

Education on Ergonomic Principles, including good postural habits and pause exercises, and training in Safe Manual Handling.

What is an ergonomic assessment?

An Ergonomic Assessment can determine the optimal set up of a workspace and associated office / IT equipment specific to the individual worker and the tasks they need to perform.


During an ergonomic assessment both the individual and the workstation are considered, looking at a range of factors including posture, workplace layout, equipment used, environmental concerns and general safety in the office.  Advice related to posture, technique and exercise is provided and recommendations for workplace modifications are made. 


If needed, Ergo Experts can recommend, quote, supply and install equipment including office chairs, sit stand desks and ergonomic equipment including keyboards, mice, document holders.  Trial ergonomic equipment is often available to be immediately implemented where required. Ergo Experts have access to a range of suppliers to provide the required products, or you are able to source your own items based on our advice.


The outcome of each assessment is detailed in an individualised Report, and follow-up to monitor the outcome of changes or the trial of equipment is undertaken as needed.


Ergo Experts are focused on meeting your ergonomic needs in a simple and time-efficient manner – our Consultants provide the most up-to-date advice and recommendations for your workforce, and are able to source the most appropriate ergonomic equipment at competitive prices.

Newcastle Harbour

Proud to be local

Ergo Experts works with local companies to ensure fast service and provide a reliable back-up process in case alterations or changes are required.

Using local suppliers allows for the easy facilitation of equipment trial periods, something that online businesses can’t do as well.

Ergo Experts can service clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and on the Central Coast of NSW.

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