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The use of a Footrest can be a great way to improve the ergonomics of your workstation. Whilst Footrests are not necessarily indicated for all users, here are some of the different ways in which a footrest may be able to assist you:​

  • A quality Footrest provides a solid platform for your feet, enabling you to actively push yourself back into your chair. This can help to prevent you from adopting a slouched or slumped posture, and will actually assist you to use the inbuilt support offered by a good ergonomic chair, hopefully one that has been purchased and adjusted specifically to suit your body shape. This will in turn help to reduce the risk of lower back, neck and shoulder discomfort or pain.
  • A suitable Footrest will allow a shorter user to ‘anchor’ their feet to the ground, which helps as noted above. If your feet are not firmly placed on the floor or footrest you may inadvertently choose to slide forward on the chair and lean forward to complete your work, placing you in a compromised posture.
  • Unsupported feet can also be a source of restricted blood circulation in the lower limbs and discomfort under the thighs or behind the knees. A Footrest will enable you to change the position of your legs and feet to help address this.

If you sit in your properly adjusted ergonomic chair and your feet comfortably and firmly reach the ground then you do not definitively need to use a footrest. However if you are aware of any musculoskeletal pain affecting your spine or lower limbs when seated, or would like the ability to vary the placement of your feet and legs, then consider using a Footrest for the additional support and change of lower limb position that it can offer.

Ergo Experts can supply quality Footrests – please contact us to discuss your requirements – 0409 512 434 or email

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